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Moe and Merriman, Apologize for the 4th Wave

Scott Moe, Apologize for the 4th Wave
Paul Merriman, Apologize for the 4th Wave

“Put bluntly, the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Saskatchewan, particularly the fourth wave now propelled by the Delta variant, by Premier Scott Moe, Health Minister Paul Merriman and cabinet has been abysmal, demonstrating the folly of ignoring stark evidence in favour of wishful thinking. Merriman was unwilling last week — despite accepting responsibility for the COVID response — to apologize to citizens for causing widespread misery and grief by allowing the pandemic to run wild despite sound mitigation advice from health experts… Merriman’s assertion, echoing Moe’s past unfounded claims, that the government at all times was acting on the best available information, and that there was ‘no looking forward into the future with a crystal ball,’ is utterly without foundation.”

When will Moe and company be accountable?

Oct 5, 2021, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

“Unlike Saskatchewan’s government, Manitoba did not simply rely on asking its residents to do the right thing. Early in June, Manitoba launched a vaccine lottery. In late August, it announced that government workers — including health-care workers, teachers, and prison guards — must be fully vaccinated by the end of October or undergo regular testing. It implemented a vaccine mandate on Sept. 3, a month ahead of Saskatchewan.”

“Our health system is near collapse. It’s so bad even Moe has had to abandon his stubborn refusal to acknowledge the depth of the problem and is asking the federal government for monoclonal antibodies to assist with the current crisis. The problem, however, is best described by outspoken Regina physician Dr. Alexander Wong who suggested asking for monoclonal is like asking for a fire extinguisher while refusing to turn off the gas… Since then, Moe has also been consistently reluctant to clamp down on nonsense. Instead, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers have been soothed with words from the premier and Health Minister Paul Merriman that these are matters of personal choice and that no government should ever want to impose restrictions seen as too harsh.”