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Rally to Save COVID Protections and Public Health

Sat., Feb. 5, 2022
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

A protest has been called for today at the Legislature to restore sensible public health measures that Scott Moe is abandoning with lightning speed to please anti-vax extremists.

The original call for the protest comes from Jeff Walters, the Sask Liberals leader. We (Take Action Against COVID) have no affiliation with them, but we respect his call to action and support it. This is not a Liberal Party event. Members of all parties opposed to Scott Moe’s “let COVID rip” plan are welcome, to demonstrate spiritedly and peacefully.

If you are in the Regina area today we plead with you to bring a picket sign and show up by noon, because:

We need public health measures to protect people and our economy in the middle of a pandemic.

We need a provincial government that listens to its own medical experts, and does not abandon us or our children to Omicron.

“Living with the virus” should not simply be “giving up and letting everyone get infected.”

We need leaders who will not let our medical system burn down around us by letting critical care doctors and nurses burn out at record speed.

We need leaders who will not let conspiracy theorists write our provincial public health policies, and who will not spread dangerous vaccine misinformation themselves.

We need leaders who will move everyone in the same direction with public health, and not undermine the seriousness of the pandemic by making every measure voluntary, or filled with absurd loopholes. Who will not scaremonger and characterize every measure we take for safety as a “lockdown.”

Premier Moe must return to the spirit and letter of public health advice for our schools, workplaces, and other locales. Or he and must resign.

Moe must stop pandering to anti-vax lobby groups to shore up his sinking credibility and popularity. Or he must resign.

He must restore the real medical freedom of being able to free and more accurate PCR tests to determine more decisively if we have contracted COVID, and so that we do not unknowingly pass it on to others.

The so-called vaccine passport has to be kept so that businesses can keep both customers and staff safe while they do as regular business as possible.

Or Moe and his ministers must resign.

This event has been widely publicized, and it’s possible to have a sizable demonstration that will turn the tide from this abandonment of public health.
Moe will not give the majority of Saskatchewan what we want tomorrow, but this will be an important step in demonstrating that there is a demand that he ignores at his political peril.


We have done a stellar job signing AND sharing our online petition (now almost 6000 signatures!) to call for the restoration of COVID protections.

But as we have seen with anti-vax protests, which direction public health moves in, which vision prevails, in large degree depends on who shows up in public to demand it. For this to happen, we need to be physically present and not just expressing frustration online (though that is needed as well.)

Please rally today for a vision of a healthy Saskatchewan, where COVID is pushed to endemic status much faster and we can truly return to normal — a better normal.

Some protocol for the rally

Masks are mandatory (N95 or KN95 strongly preferred), although you are outside. Please keep some distance (ideally 6′ or more) between yourselves and who you didn’t come to the event with.

Occasionally, counter-protesters show up, usually in small numbers. (They are not as tough as some of them think their trucks make them.) We recommend NOT ENGAGING or ARGUING with them. It is highly unlikely that they’ll be aggressive, but if for some reason they are, film them and de-escalate. In the event that they show up, help your fellow rally-goers de-escalate as well.

Will you attend?

There is no public Facebook event for this rally. It would help us out if you could email us to confirm you’re coming – click here and click “send” when your email opens.