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Vigil to Protect Saskatchewan

Vigil to Protect Saskatchewan

Fri., Oct. 1, 2021
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Constituency Office of Paul Merriman, SK Health Minister
3521 8 St E, Saskatoon, SK

Nearly 1 in 250 Saskatchewan residents have tested positive for COVID-19. The government of Saskatchewan has created a public health disaster unfolding in real-time before our eyes.

In response, Concerned Citizens for COVID Action is holding a vigil in front of Paul Merriman’s Saskatoon MLA office beginning Friday, Oct 1 at 5:30. We gather to mourn the unnecessary loss of life, the strain on our public healthcare system, and the unbelievable stress on overwhelmed healthcare workers, all of which was completely preventable.

But we also gather also to pressure the Saskatchewan government to get serious and mount a truly effective public health campaign to drive COVID-19 out of the province.

Our demands

  • release the modeling data that they have refused to provide, even to physicians, so physicians can inform and advise the public
  • institute a vaccine mandate that covers all professions serving the public, not just government workers
  • enforcement mechanisms in place for vaccine passports, including consistent, enforceable fines and legal action against violators
  • implementing previously effective quasi-lockdown and circuit breaker strategies to slow transmission of COVID-19
  • re-establish clear contact tracing and isolating practices after dismantling the infrastructure for this.
  • own the pandemic and public health campaign and not shift the blame to others, such as Ottawa, First Nations groups, or the unvaccinated themselves. Governing by “strong recommendations,” weak mandates, and contradictory rules have helped convince a large part of the public that the pandemic is not serious


  • Please bring signs, candles/lights
  • Physically distance
  • Wear masks

Speakers and other details to come in the coming days. We hope to see you there!