• Urgency of Equity Toolkit  NEW
    Best resource we’ve seen for why we must use layers of protection in schools against COVID-19 and a toolkit for advocacy.
  • Sask Health Service Disruptions  NEW
    Citizen initiative tracking healthcare disruptions due to ongoing pandemic / health system overburdening, by Saskatchewan web developer Joel Hill.

Long COVID Resources

We maintain this separate page for emerging long COVID Resources.

Posters, flyers, social media graphics

Take Action Against COVID runs an event called Creating COVID Campaigns where non-designers and designers produce COVID and public health campaigns that the government won’t. We have these arranged on their own pages for easier distribution.

Tracking, testing and reporting initiatives

COVID-19 Tracker Canada
View case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths across Canada from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Tracker Saskatchewan on COVID-19 Tracker Canada
Select Saskatchewan from the pull-down menu at the top of the page to see stats for all of Saskatchewan; use Region to see a specific region of Saskatchewan

COVID-19 Rapid Test Tracker on COVID-19 Tracker Canada
Report rapid test results here to help give a fuller picture of test results in Saskatchewan.

Dr Kyle Anderson’s Google Data Studio
Now discontinued because of lack of available reporting. Good through 2021 however.
Extensive collection of graph views based on available COVID-19 reporting data by Dr. Kyle Anderson in Saskatoon/Treaty 6 Territory. This link takes you to the Saskatchewan Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths collection.

Stats discussion and interpretation

COVID-19 Resources (currently happening each Wednesday)
“COVID-19 Resources Canada is hosting bilingual, Canada-wide kitchen table-style discussions where anyone living in Canada can get together to talk. This conversation goes beyond vaccines and virology. We’re at a point in the pandemic where restrictions are lifting and some Canadians can return to the places and activities they missed. For some, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for, but for many of us most at risk, this is a difficult period, and is very much not the end of the epidemic. Many Canadians aren’t sure what this return to “normal” means, and how to do so safely. Join us for an open discussion, where we will hear your thoughts and address your questions in a safe and welcoming community, supported by science.”

COVID-19 SK Perspectives
Facebook group, moderated by Dr. Adam Ogieglo; often includes discussion around interpreting SHA / public health advice.

Combatting COVID denialism and misinformation

Dear Pandemic
Pandemic / COVID-19 / public health measures Q&As written by an interdisciplinary, all-woman team of researchers and clinicians with expertise in nursing, mental health, demography, health policy/economics, and epidemiology.

Various fact-checker initiatives from media and public interest groups.

Grassroots COVID Organizations

Black Coalition Against COVID (Twitter | Website)
The BCAC is a community-based initiative dedicated to saving Black lives by sharing trustworthy, science-based info about COVID-19 and related vaccines.

Body Politic (Twitter | Website)
Grassroots health justice organization at the forefront of the patient-led #LongCovid movement. Home of the Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group!

Mandate Masks MA (Twitter)
A community advocacy effort to get Massachusetts & Boston to mandate masks in public places when needed.

Mandate Masks NY (Twitter)
An advocacy effort by concerned New Yorkers to get NYC & NYS to mandate masks in public places & schools when needed & provide free masks.

Marked by COVID (Twitter | Website)
Elevating the truth about COVID-19 in hopes of saving others.

Pan End It (Twitter | Landing page)
A cohort of disabled, ill, and immunocompromised folk organizing for pandemic precautions.

Patient-Led Research Collaborative for Long COVID (Twitter)
Patient-Led Long COVID Research.

People’s CDC (Twitter | Website)
The People’s CDC is a coalition of public health practitioners, scientists, healthcare workers, educators, advocates and people from all walks of life working to reduce the harmful impacts of COVID-19.

Protect Their Future (Twitter | Website)
Grassroots org. Parents & pediatricians advocating for protection against COVID-19 for all children. Thousands more on FB & Insta, too!

Right to Health Action (Twitter | Website)
Grassroots-powered movement leveraging COVID-19 for transformative change and health equity.

Smart Restart APS (Arlington Public Schools) (Twitter)
Coalition of parents + teachers amplifying “VITAL” science for #FreshAirSchools in #ArlingtonVA: Ventilation/filters vaccination, testing, remote accommodations, outside lunch

Survivor Corps (Twitter | Website)
One of the largest grassroots COVID advocacy groups — working for survivors, research & public policy.

Do you have ideas for other resources that should be on this page? Please email us at organize@actionagainstcovid.ca.